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Longines 919 Frame by Metzler early 90′s

These hot frames are a Longines 919 produced by Metzler. They are from the early 90′s one of my younger frames, i love the golden logo in the middel and that the templets are in a different color then the frame. Im thinking about putting lenses in is but im not sure green or gray??? the end of the templets are green.

What do you think???

m.mannequin 7530 Handmade in France 1980′s

These mannequin shades are fantastic, the color of the lenses are light purple to pink and the frame is like a royal-blue, in the mix with the perly looking temples and the big golden M they are one of my nicest shades in my opinion.
I think these are for ladys but i rock them anyway!!!

Alpina TR4 Made in W. Germany 1980′s

I love this piece of golden alpina-design. The sade part is, that i dont know the real mod. number, it TR ?. Maybe some one can help me. Thank you.

Thank you very much, pumpkinscissors!!! Its the Mod: TR4