Archiv für den Monat: August 2009

Uvex Sportstyle 75 Folding Made in W.Germany Grey/Clear Frame 1980 80′s

Great Folding Aviators. Uvex stands for „ultraviolet excluded“ and its an old german company. I learnt that uvex is the Mothercompany of ALPINA one of the greatest shadesproducers of the 80′s.
This great gray pair of Sunglasses is a wonderful Sportstyle 75 Folding, a very light frame and a really hugh aviator. I feel like they are really rare. I love aviators in this size, they fit me best!

Alpina Classic Made in W.Germany

Its a Classic, an Alpina Classic and they are Creme de la Creme!!!
After my man Masa posted it i had to show of mine…i found a little diverents between does two.
On my temples its ALPINA CLASSICS written and on Masas its on the Lens…both great Shades!!!

If you want to see more crazy shades right out of japan, just check the Blog and the Homepage of Masa…

Metzler Sport 0151 Made in Germany 1980, 1990, White Glitter Frame

Sometimes its hard talking about a frame, even when they are so fantastic!!!
This White and Black with Glitterlook Metzler Frame is…. it came with a spotband to clip on so its fits perfect in every situation. As you can see they have a black and a really white line milled i to the frame, its a real great detail!!! I love them espiacally cause my last name is METZLER too!!!

Cazal 863 Made in W.Germany, Passau 1980 80′s

The 3rd Cazal on this blog is that wonderful 863 Frame, i think its orginaly for ladies but who cares, when it fits it fits!!!
The colorway of this frame rocks with the mindgreen and white strips in combo with black in gold its the shit!!!
Cazal is one of the greatest brands for collectors, even if its a new frame or vintage they are still big in biz…many celebs try to get some style by wearing cazals.

Zeiss Aviator 4110 Made in W.Germany Purple 1980 80′s

What can i say…its a classic!!!
The golden and purple frame rocks and the lenses are high quality out of real mineral-glass.
They are really conftable to wear even if they are a little heavy cause of the lenses.
Just a great piece of the eighties!!!

Boris Becker 4805 A by Polaroid Made in Italy 1980 80′

This is a great pair of Boris Becker shades, Boris gave his name to 4 different styles of sunglasses in the 80′s produced by polaroid. all 4 styles came in 3 different colorways and each with changeable lenses in this brown and a dark gray/greenish one. The colorways of the frames are gold, silver or black. The A version is the Golden one, B the Black and C the Silver version.