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Brads Glasses the Second

My man Solaris even just posted the right Color of Mr.Pitts “Tom Ford Pablos”!!!

As you can see, those great Aviators are not a Tom Ford Pablo (like sunglassesid.com wants you to beleave), they are a gold frame from Metzler Made in West Germany…as i told you.

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Cazal 904 Made in W.Germany, Passau 1980 80′s

This is a Classic “What more can i say???”

If you looking for Vintage Sunglasses on Celebs you just have to check all the Videos of Rick Ross.
in the new on “Rick Ross (feat. Robin Thicke) Lay Back, he is rocking a white Cazal 951, a Bausch & Lomb Wings in Black and i think some Cartier Glasses in the end.

It would be no suprise for me, if Ross got all of that from the Pope of Vintage Eyewear Corey Saphiro.

Check his Company its crazy

Im wondering

Sometimes i surf thru the net checking all of these “Celebrity Sunglasses Sites” just to check who is wearing some vintage stuff or wich company steals designs from old shades and than im wondering, why do those site sometimes take a pic of a celeb and tell me the name of the frame even if the frame dosent even look like the frame they name?
I hope you got me!?

For example:

Brad Pitt wears many shades when his in public, some are vintage some are new, some i never can find out what it is, but, in one case a site named SunglassesID.com (i really like the site), tells me that Mr. Pitt is wearing a Tom Ford Pablo even if a blind man can see that the Frame on his nose isent even looking like the frame they try to sell.
Just see for your self:

Dose are the Tom Ford Pablo
Do you think those two frames are the same!!! NEVER!!! The funny part is that this kind of mistake brings me to another thnig i was wondering. How can it be that some Frames today realy looks like a copy from the past.
Ok, there are some great companys around and to use a desgin from the 70′s, 80′s or even the 90′s to be inspired and to creat a cool vintage looking frame is ok, but to just steal a great shape its really not ok.
Im saying that, cause some do and i dont know what brand the shades on Brads nose are but when they are new (if you know it please let me know and dont try to tell me its a Tom For Pablo), they are just a copy of a Metzler SportVision from the 80′s Made in West Germany.
I already showed that frame on my blog but i thought i post it again that you can compare them to the other frame.

What do you think, they look really familir to me.
Im gone post once in a while the one or the other mistakes and copycats on my blog. I would be happy if you let me know what you think about all of that.

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the Place to be!!!


i thought about posting a new category on my blog named “the Place to Be”.

In this kind of series im gone post sites, blogs and interesting stuff on the net, wich i always visit to see whats happinin.

First i Start with my man Solaris:

His Blog was the first blog i found about vintage sunglasses on the net and so he inspired me to open up my blog.
I really love all of the crazy stunners you could find on his blog and im really jealous about some of his frames. Last week he posted a real nice posting about me and i want to they thanks on this way:


So check it out

Rodenstock Supersonic 1755D Hugh Aviators, Brown Lenses, 1980, 80′s and made in W.Germany

The Rodenstock Supersonic Series is a really great line of different Styles. There are a whole lot of fantastic shades in that series but for me the 1755D in this colorway is the king of them!!!
The detail in the middle of the frame is made out of a piece of goldbrown/sandish plastic and i think its the dot on the i for that Style…but the whole shape of this stunner rocks!!! And if you ever have the chance to wear them, do it they feel f…… comfortable!

Uvex Sportstyle 32L Made in W.Germany Golden Frame Blue/Purple Detail 1980 80′s

Another Sportstyle by UVEX. The detail is fantastic it changes the color from one to the other direction its blue and purple. Just a great idea even if its not the best shape of a frame ever the 32L got its own kind of coolness.

im sorry for the 3 weeks nor posting something…but NEW YORK WAS GREAT!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog, thanks a lot!!!


Alpina Classic Made in W.Germany

Its a Classic, an Alpina Classic and they are Creme de la Creme!!!
After my man Masa posted it i had to show of mine…i found a little diverents between does two.
On my temples its ALPINA CLASSICS written and on Masas its on the Lens…both great Shades!!!

If you want to see more crazy shades right out of japan, just check the Blog and the Homepage of Masa…