Archiv für den Monat: Oktober 2009

Christian Dior D67 130, 1970 70′s, Green Yellow Optyl Frame, Green Lenses Made in Austria

Does 70′s Dior Optyl Frames are freaky!!!

What do you think, do they fit me!?

Thanks for vistiting my Blog soon its gone be 3000 Hits and i think its ok for that short time, thanks to all of you!!!


Rodenstock Supersonic 1755D Hugh Aviators, Brown Lenses, 1980, 80′s and made in W.Germany

The Rodenstock Supersonic Series is a really great line of different Styles. There are a whole lot of fantastic shades in that series but for me the 1755D in this colorway is the king of them!!!
The detail in the middle of the frame is made out of a piece of goldbrown/sandish plastic and i think its the dot on the i for that Style…but the whole shape of this stunner rocks!!! And if you ever have the chance to wear them, do it they feel f…… comfortable!